13-06**** June News!

Newest news… I made it into the Bear Babes Calendar!!!
I am so honoured and happy to be given this opportunity. I made my first try at competing 3 years ago, and I feel like I have come to far since then.
I’ve earned this, and it will be a huge bump for my career.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me, cheered for me and supported me.
See you on the glossy pages! I’ll be on your wall next year 🙂

Upcoming Events:

┼ Sunday June 9 ┼
Blue Belle Burlesque’s Femme Fatales plus Heat 3 Miss Burlesque Bunny (YEG)
I am judging the next heat of the competition, where the winners get to perform at the inaugural Edmonton Burlesque Festival! Come rub elbows!

┼ Friday June 14 ┼
walking the runway for the brand new Sweet Carousel Corsetry collection of corset designs and gowns.

┼ Saturday June 29 ┼
industrial/ ebm/ dark electro festival June 28 – 30 (YYC)
performing & schmoozing for iVardensphere

┼ Monday July 1 ┼
Canada Day METAL Show… Scythia w/ OmegaCrom, Ides of Winter & Meridian (YEG)
performing & doing merch as the Fathom Bride for Ides of Winter

Full calendar available here


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13-05-26 Alberta Bound Tattoo Con

This year I attended the Alberta Bound Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival at the River Cree. I was a special guest of sorts, promoting for Sweet Carousel Corsetry and consulting to model for a client’s tattoo to be done by Nikko Hurtado. I was also able to consult for my own future tattoo work finally! I wore my purple Sweet Carousel corset which was NOT even custom made for me – it was a sample I purchased in the past!!

The tattoo client is my friend Faron of Digital Body Photography – a fetish fan, avid photographer and tattoo collector. Faron wants an image tattooed by Nikko for his left chest plate to mirror his existing piece of a blonde zombie chick (by Mofo – ON), surrounding his sternum piece of an anatomic heart & inverted crucifix by Nick Chaboya. I will be portraying Death in memorial of his mother’s rapidly shortening life. The image is planned to be shot topless in a Sweet Carousel skeleton underbust corset, hooded & holding an hourglass. The images from this shoot will be released after the tattoo has been completed at the Alberta Bound Tattoo Fest in Calgary in October.

My first foray into inking my own skin will be led by Jessica Wright, owner of Capital Tattoo in Edmonton. I will be juxtaposing her pretty flourishing style with that of Jamie Henderson from Forsaken Ink (NY). My first piece will be on my sternum, to be completed at the Calgary fest in October as well.

Check out my tattoo inspiration board and watch my designs as they are collected.

Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival – Edmonton

Sweet Carousel Corsetry

Digital Body Photography

Nikko Hurtado

Jamie Henderson

Jessica Wright

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, Props for Lylia by Lylia


13-05-24 Vixenesque Chick Flick

Vixenesque Burlesque is the other troupe in town that I am affiliated with. Created by Maila Mustang (who had a stint in the Vancouver & BC burly-q scene), this group is all about gorelesque, horror & heavy metal.
One Hell of a Chick Flick was put on to showcase movie-themed burlesque acts, including shows themed on Queen of the Damned, Silence of the Lambs and Tank Girl!
I attended this event to support V as well as the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, which they were fundraising for. I also sold tickets to Laced Up, which is Sweet Carousel’s next event and ALSO a supporter of the Burlesque Fest. We are such a tight community <3

Vixenesque Burlesque

Corset by Sweet Carousel Corsetry

Photos by Drew May

Photos by Bill Hately

Photos by Payl – Make Art Canada

Model, Makeup, Hair, Styling, for Lylia by Lylia
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self & friends