13-08**** August News!

My Bear Babes Calendar photoshoot is scheduled for mid-August, with Talyn Stone co-modelling and Renee Robyn shooting. The calendar will be released late October, so… mark your calendars! Hehe.

Upcoming Events:

┼ Friday August 2 ┼
Calgary Horror Con Gala Opening Party (YYC)
Appearing at the exclusive celebrity meet-and-greet event at the top of the Calgary Tower! Performing my SAW fetish burlesque piece fresh from the German Horror Con – The Dark Zone.
Buy tickets here

┼ Saturday & Sunday Aug 3-4 ┼
Annual Calgary Horror-Con – 3rd Annual Calgary Horror Con 2013 (YYC)
Partying in my own merch booth with Renee Robyn Photography as my neighbour. Come feed the monsters, get some free treats, snap a photo, and take home a print ♥

┼ Friday August 30 ┼
Ides of Winter in SK (YQR)
Performing at the frosthoar for Ides of Winter. Also ritually applying frostpaint and selling my soul for tshirt money.

┼ Saturday August 31 ┼
Ides of Winter in MB (YWG)
Wilt, Dire Omen(AB), Begrime Exemious(AB), Ides of Winter(AB) and Entity
Performing at the frosthoar for Ides of Winter. Also ritually applying frostpaint and selling my soul for tshirt money

Full calendar available here


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13-05-31 Ides of Winter w DTR

Ides of Winter is a melodic blackened death metal band from Edmonton, AB. With former members of Dead Jesus among many other local heavyweights, they are a highly theatrical band themed on the brutal cold of Canadian metal.
One of the first bands I developed theatrical and stage elements for was Dead Jesus – and it continued in full force with Ides. From designing their wolf pelt costumes in collaboration with Nomin of Handcuffs Required, to planning and applying their frostpaint before each show, I have striven to help them create a strong stage presence and image.
To add a climax to this, I appear onstage as the Frosthoar or the Fathom Bride, bellydancing and incorporating props like veils, lights, and snow. I also manage their merch booth where I get to schmooze all night and sign posters : ). These guys are my brothers and my band, and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come together.

At the end of May we played with a celebrative Death Toll Rising, who were commemorating 10 years of creating music together. We revealed the glorious new Fathom Bride shirts, and I had a mini shoot with live photographer Dana Zuk, a metal maiden herself. I also got to share the booth with a smexy redhead. ‘Twas a good night as always.

Ides of Winter

Ides Wardrobe by Lylia, Handcuffs Required & individual members

Custom altered t-shirt by Dolly Darko Clothing

Photos by Dana Zuk

Fathom Bride & Sisters of Eve shirt illustrations by Ultra BAT

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, Props for Lylia by Lylia
Frostpaint for all band members by Lylia
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self & friends


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