“While working with Ms. Lylia, I found her to be quite competent and reliable. A sincerely hard working performer dedicated to her art, and fully capable of immersing herself into her role. I needed to give her minimal direction for her to understand her position, and was definitely pleased she was able to communicate ideas of her own that were not only relevant, but contributed greatly to the performance.
Friendly and easy to work with, I as a performer myself, would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Lylia to become a note-worthy part of any production.”
~Evilglen now Caesar
of Dead Jesus / Ides of Winter

“Lylia is a very professional dancer to work with, who is full of new and creative ideas. I would be honoured to always have someone with such talent part of future shows! “
~Emmy Plante
organiser of Deviant Events

“When I tell my amazingly hot, sexy, wonderful boyfriend that I love with every inch of my heart that I only think about him when I masturbate it’s not 100% true because sometimes I think of you. GODDAMN, WOMAN!! You consistently amaze me but I never get around to saying anything. Right now I’m on a Lylia kick and I can’t help myself. Besides the creativity, stunning face, perfect clothes/makeup and standup attitude…that BODY! Jesus fucking bloody menstruating christ on a cross… Happy Holidays. You are my fantasy.”
~a fan

“I’m pretty sure you’re hotter than the beast’s middle finger…

A tree is born beautiful but can be carved into something even more appealing to the eye. Pretty much explains you.”
~a fan

“I gotta say, Rachel Brice / Madelina Horn have nothing on you.”
~a fan
at Festival Kinetik