┼ Lylia is a model, performer and dancer; lover of heavy metal and blood & guts. ┼

She is the founder & one-woman member of CHOROSIVE DARK FUSION – specialising in combining bellydance (from cabaret to tribal) with contemporary dance & burlesque, choreographed to harsh music like industrial and extreme metal. She employs theatrical elements such as elaborate custom costumes, traditional middle eastern dance props, blood, smoke, and headwhips.
She has worked with a variety of local and touring bands, including modelling, costume design & special fx makeup, performing onstage, & playing synth. This list includes: IDES OF WINTER (black metal), EMBLEM and SCYTHIA (folk metal), DEAD JESUS (death metal), VILLAINIZER (terrorist thrash metal), IVARDENSPHERE (tribal industrial), CHAOS THEORY (satanic industrial).

Although foremost a performer, Lylia has taken to modelling to “capture her soul in stasis”.
She has modelled runway, catalogue and print for designers in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Vancouver, including walking at Western Canada Fashion Week multiple seasons. She has performed at medieval fairs, themed events, burlesque, metal, industrial, variety & fetish shows, including touring, and Festival Kinetik with iVardensphere in Montreal.
Speaking of horror, she’s also had a few film roles (all horror), including being an extra in The Pharmacist and a supporting role in The Profane Exhibit’s Manna, to be released next year!
Overall, her life goal is to tour the world with bands as a performer, and model for artists & designers at each stop!

Lylia will show you moves you’ve never seen to songs you wouldn’t have thought of.

┼ CHOROSIVE – summoning the devil through dance. ┼