13-06-01 Blk Mtl w Desecrate Scripture

I designed the poster myself using a photo from an epic black metal photoshoot with Chris Brown of Unbound Photography

Desecrate Scripture is a blackened doom metal band from Saskatchewan. I have been friends with them through the prairie metal scene and have always wanted to collaborate.
When I found out they were planning shows in Alberta for their Prairie Indoctrination Tour, I booked them instantly at The Rendezvous Pub, our local sports bar & metal haunt. They brought Autaric along, and both bands ending up crashing on my living room floor after a Denny’s metal invasion. I also asked Vile Insignia from Calgary to play, and then for fun, decided to perform “Lamentos”, a fusion dance piece I affectionately call the Orcish Lullaby (more on that later).
As the night progressed, we chatted & ate metal cupcakes & swapped merch & headwhipped. VI & Autaric played, I danced in all white on a dirty black floor, and then when Desecrate was ending their set, I hopped onstage to shimmy for my favourite song.
Post-show, Desecrate’s founder Wikk and I had an explosion of ideas to talk about, as he runs his own promotions company as well as side projects. We planned the photoshoots for his upcoming solo album trio which will involve elaborate custom costumes and a rockstar photographer. He also filmed my dance piece, so look out for a tour video from him!
My performance itself was a bellydance fusion act (no fetish nor burlesque – just pure dance) set to folky doom metal, adorned in corpse paint. It is an avant-garde, lyrical-style piece that I feel very emotional connected to. It has only been performed once before, although I have plans to debut it to a mass audience in the future. There is a video kicking around of a previous performance of the piece if you hunt enough on my youtube channel ; )

You can order Desecrate Scripture’s newest album here.

Prints of any photos may be ordered by emailing me through my contact page.

Photos by Slayer of Pixels

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, Props for Lylia by Lylia
All other models, own Hair and Makeup, Styling, Accessories
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self & friends


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