13-05-31 Ides of Winter w DTR

Ides of Winter is a melodic blackened death metal band from Edmonton, AB. With former members of Dead Jesus among many other local heavyweights, they are a highly theatrical band themed on the brutal cold of Canadian metal.
One of the first bands I developed theatrical and stage elements for was Dead Jesus – and it continued in full force with Ides. From designing their wolf pelt costumes in collaboration with Nomin of Handcuffs Required, to planning and applying their frostpaint before each show, I have striven to help them create a strong stage presence and image.
To add a climax to this, I appear onstage as the Frosthoar or the Fathom Bride, bellydancing and incorporating props like veils, lights, and snow. I also manage their merch booth where I get to schmooze all night and sign posters : ). These guys are my brothers and my band, and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come together.

At the end of May we played with a celebrative Death Toll Rising, who were commemorating 10 years of creating music together. We revealed the glorious new Fathom Bride shirts, and I had a mini shoot with live photographer Dana Zuk, a metal maiden herself. I also got to share the booth with a smexy redhead. ‘Twas a good night as always.

Ides of Winter

Ides Wardrobe by Lylia, Handcuffs Required & individual members

Custom altered t-shirt by Dolly Darko Clothing

Photos by Dana Zuk

Fathom Bride & Sisters of Eve shirt illustrations by Ultra BAT

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, Props for Lylia by Lylia
Frostpaint for all band members by Lylia
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self & friends


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    Hey Lylia,

    I wandered onto this site today because I’m an internet geek and somehow spend my idle time looking at random youtube videos instead of being a productive member of society. I work with your momma. Three words.





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    Thanks to my father who stated to me regarding this website,
    this webpage is truly awesome.

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