13-05-29 Bear Babes Finals

See previous blog post for the preliminary round

I made it to the next round of 100.3 The Bear’s Bear Babes Calendar contest – aka the Finals! It was a rock pageant again, with outfits, questions & judging. The finalists were cut down from 2 groups of 20 in each preliminary round to 26 at the finals, at which point we were being judged down to 14.

If I make it to the final 14, I get to shoot for the calendar! I’m just waiting for the official announcement now. Once the calendar images are shot, there will be online voting for the cover girl plus 2nd & 3rd place, so I’ll be sure to update if I get there!

Edmonton’s Best Rock – 100.3 FM The Bear – Bear Babes Calendar Contest

Photos by Second Sight Studio

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, for Lylia by Lylia
All other models, own Hair and Makeup, Styling, Accessories
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self, friends, The Bear


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