13-05-22 Bear Babes Round 1

Last Wednesday, I competed in 100.3 The Bear’s Bear Babes Calendar contest!
It’s like a rock pageant, with outfits, questions & judging. I’m officially competing to win, after my first try 3 years ago. The Bear needs a hardcore heavy metal chick on their calendar cover!

The calendars will be sold all over the province, including at all Mac’s Convenience Stores, which would put my face everywhere!! All proceeds benefit Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation which is close to my heart, as my little brother is a childhood cancer survivor through the Stollery. It can also open doors to tons of opportunities including with Playboy. This is only the first round – I have to pass a zillion more including online voting BUT it could net me cash, paid signing gigs and trips!

The pre-round was online voting to advance to the finals, of which I did not pass. The first round was the pageant on the 22nd. As of this posting, I found out that I made it to the next round! It’s the finals, another pageant-style event on the 29th. If I get past that, I get to shoot for the calendar (although they pick about 16 girls to shoot). It will be online voting for the cover girl plus 2nd & 3rd place, so I’ll be sure to update if I get there!

Photos by The Bear

Photos by Second Sight Studio

Model, Makeup, Hair, Accessories, Styling, for Lylia by Lylia
All other models, own Hair and Makeup, Styling, Accessories
Behind-the-Scenes Photos by self, friends, The Bear


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